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Own Label

Own Label

We also create ‘own-label’ products that can be sold and distributed under your own brand. Creating the perfect candle can take time – we can help you manage the project from start to finish by sourcing packaging and glassware, sampling and testing to ensure your candle burns beautifully, smells great and enhances any home.

We already work with organisations such as the Royal British Legion, as well as many retailers, hotels, spas and individuals.

We can offer a complete own label service or supply free issue and fill to your requirements.

The services we can offer include:

  • Design & DevelopmentOur team can work with you and your ideas to create a scent that your customers will be able to remember you by. We can advise you on fragrance trends, product design and retail packaging.  If you are still struggling for ideas we are happy to suggest our In-house fragrances that have already been tested. We can provide various options and finishes on candle jars, diffuser bottles and candle tins. These can be ‘branded’ to your specifications by bespoke labelling or screen printing onto clear, frosted or spray painted jars.
  • Creation & ProductionWe are able to offer various wax blends according to your specifications. We specialise in using high quality natural sourced waxes which include Soy, PHC’s unique blend of coconut & beeswax as well as natural/mineral blends

    We carry out extensive in house testing to ensure all elements work in harmony to produce the perfect candle. We can also advise on CLP labelling to ensure your products meets with the latest legislation

    All our candles and diffusers are made on site.  So this enables our team to monitor and check every stage of manufacture.  Every product has traceability and our quality control is second to none.

  • Packaging & DistributionWe can provide bespoke packaging options to enable your products to be presented with a premium and high quality finish and boxed ready for distribution

As a small family business we value our staff and have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and understand the importance of communication.  Simply email or call our team 01708 526828 for information on how create a your own unique scented candles or reed diffusers.

Eve Victoria Candles Own Label

Eve Victoria Candles Own Label