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Oud and Bergamot

Scented candles have been the success story of the last couple of decades, with over a quarter of UK households indulging in their fragrance and ambience. Not only can a beautiful scent enhance your home and thus your life, they also make ideal gifts for friends and family. Everybody like a home that smells nice, and smell is an important sense, with unpleasant smells alerting us to danger and pleasant smells evoking all sorts of comforting feelings.

Take, for example, our Oud and Bergamot fragrance – a sophisticated blend of fragrances that adds a hint of Eastern promise to your living space. Oud is one of the most luxurious fragrances in the world, coming from a rare combination of agarwood protecting itself from a very specific type of mould by releasing a dark, scented resin known as “liquid gold”. It produces a scent that has been used in Asia and the Middle East for centuries both in the home and in religious ceremonies. Its musky, woody tones are perfect for spicing up the living room or boudoir. In combination with bergamot it creates a beautiful blend of evocative scents.

Bergamot is derived from the “citrus bergamia”, or bergamot orange- a fruit the size of an orange but the colour of a lemon or lime. Suspected to be an ancient hybrid of lemon and bitter orange, the bergamot orange produces a fragrance that it sharp, citrusy and light, and is one of the flavourings used in Earl Grey tea. It makes a perfect counterpoint to the musky earthiness of oud, creating a wonderful scent that is sure to spice up your home.

All the candles in our Classic range are hand blended and hand poured, and are made from 100% soy wax, which gives a cleaner burn and allows the fragrance to continue enhancing your home even when the wick is extinguished. Or if candles just aren’t for you, all the fragrances in the Classic range are also available as reed diffusers and room sprays. All our ingredients are sourced in Britain and all our products are hand made in Rainham, Essex, close to the RSPB nature reserve, so we can proudly claim everything we produce is “Made In Essex”!

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