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Candles are cheaper than therapy!

Candles are cheaper than therapy and they can be just as healing! Out of the five senses our sense of smell is linked to emotions and just inhaling a certain fragrance can trigger a range of feelings and memories.

Oud and Bergamot

Scented candles have been the success story of the last couple of decades, with over a quarter of UK households indulging in their fragrance and ambience. Not only can a beautiful scent enhance your home and thus your life, they also make ideal gifts for friends and family. Everybody like a home tha

New Fragrances for Spring

It's not been a great couple of months, weather-wise. After a mediocre winter, we were hit with not one, but two Beasts from the East and everyone came down with Australian flu. But all is not lost, and the cycle of the seasons continues its eternal rotation. And now the clocks have gone forwards, t

New Fragrance for Summer 2018

New for Summer - Scent of hypnotic jasmine echoes bygone days alongside refreshing white tea and shimmering bergamot, crisp papyrus which has been infused with aromatic cardamom while a backdrop of aged mahogany, cedar and silver birch cradled with sheer musk. The perfect scent to make you feel bala

The National Flower Show 2018

We will be exhibiting at The National Flower Show 2018 on  Friday 18th - Sunday 20th May 2018 at Hyland House & Estate, Hylands Park, London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8WQ. Hylands House & Estate will burst into a gardening extravaganza May 2018 as the National Flower Show returns for i

Mothers’ Day Candle Gifts

With Christmas over and done with and spring looming in the near future, Mother's Day is almost upon us again. The time when we celebrate the women who gave us our lives all those years ago, and we show our appreciation for the way they have cared for us over the years.

Candles for St Valentine

Now that Christmas is behind us and spring is in the air, it may seem that the season for the giving and receiving of gifts is over for another year. But for those in romantic relationships, this couldn't be further from the truth, as Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Although the story of

Our Christmas Range

The nights are drawing in, the weather is turning cold, and the decorations are up in the High Street. Yes, the most magical time of the year is almost upon us once again as Christmas draws ever nearer. It’s a time for families, for celebration and for tradition. It’s amazing just how evocative

Two New Fragrances From Eve Victoria!

At Eve Victoria, we are immensely proud of our range of scents, each of them individually blended for maximum style and pleasure. For the summer months we have the citrussy tang of our Lime, Basil and Pomelo candles and reed diffusers, or if you prefer something earthier and cosier we have our Spruc

Candles for Autumn

So as summer once again begins to draw to a close, we can look back and say that, like most years, it was patchy at best. But don't let the recent rains sour our memories of the glorious sunshine we were all enjoying a mere few weeks ago, or make us forget that there may still be more to come before

Spruce and Sandalwood

We do hope you are all enjoying the summer, and by British standards, what a summer it's been! We've had the hottest day since 1976, and most of the UK has been blessed with a lot of nice sunny days this year. And while the sun still rides high in the sky, the Solstice is past us and the days will n

The Brentwood Festive Gift & Craft Show

We will be exhibiting at The Brentwood Festive Gift & Craft Show on the 4th & 5th November 2017. Come and find us and check out our latest range of Candles and Reed Diffusers. For more information go to: Broadditch Farm Shop, New Barn Road, Southfleet, Kent, DA13 9

Reed Diffusers – an Alternative in Home Fragrances

Of the five senses, perhaps smell is the most overlooked in terms of its importance to our day-to-day life. Sure, we don't need it to hunt anymore, and we don't have a huge amount of predators, but it's still possibly the one most capable of activating the more abstract parts of our reasoning - it b

Summer Scents

“How far that little candle throws its beams!” Wrote Shakespeare, “So shines a good deed in a naughty world”. Candles and candlelight have always been a source of joy and comfort. There’s something so calming and peaceful about a gently flickering flame, especially on a cold night when the

Candles for Spring from Eve Victoria

“Nothing is so beautiful as Spring”, wrote Gerard Manley Hopkins. The clocks go forward, the days grow longer and the weather (we hope) becomes warmer, once again that season is upon us, with all its sounds and colours marking new life, growth and opportunity.

Candles for Mothers’ Day!

Time marches on, and although it seems that Christmas is not far behind us, it will soon be Mother's Day again! For the last five years Eve Victoria have been selling our luxury traditionally made candles, soaps and diffusers to a delighted, and growing, audience. In 2015 Poth Hille, another family

Valentine’s Day Gifts from Eve Victoria

Are you struggling with ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? Are you stuck and feeling under pressure? Can’t buy another box of chocolates or a cheap bouquet from the petrol station? Do you need to find a gift that implies thoughtfulness and quality and is guaranteed a great reaction?

Eve Victoria Candles Announce ‘The Collection’ for 2017

Eve Victoria Candles Announce ‘The Collection’ for 2017 Eve Victoria Candles - now based in Essex - are proud to announce their new range for 2017 entitled, ‘The Collection’. This unique and luxurious range is created using only natural products – the candles themselves being created from

The Scent of Christmas

Here at Eve Victoria Home Fragrance  we believe that Christmas should involve all five of your senses – smell included. What better way to give your home a fabulous festive feeling than with a scented candle designed for the yuletide season?  We have developed a range of original and distinctive

Christmas Candles

The nights are drawing in, the decorations are appearing in the windows of the High Street, and even though we are just at the start of November, the inexorable march towards Christmas will soon be picking up its pace! Now is the time to turn one's mind towards thoughts of presents and decorations -

Leeds Castle Christmas Market

We will be exhibiting at Leeds Castle Christmas Market on the 3rd & 4th December 2016. Come and find us and check out our latest range of Christmas Candles and Reed Diffusers.

Broadditch Christmas Market

We will be exhibiting at Broadditch Christmas Market on Sunday 20th November 2016 from 10am till 4pm. Come and find us and check out our latest range of Christmas Candles and Reed Diffusers.

Re-invent your home with Scented Candles

Nothing enhances the ambience of a room quite like its fragrance and what better and more evocative way of achieving this than scented candles? Whatever the mood you're after there is a candle to match, whether it's the wintry spices of Christmas or something a little more romantic. At Eve Victoria