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Making Candles

Eve Victoria Candle Making History
In the 13 Century candle making was recognised as a guild craft in England and the candle makes became known as Chandlers. The Chandlers made their candles in their kitchens using Tallow Wax which is derived from cows and sheep but gave off an unpleasant smell but it was cheap and reliable.

The popularity of candle making at home has increased but we have stopped using tallow and replaced with natural plant waxes like soy and rapeseed. We have moved on from using the unpleasant smell of tallow to a whole new experience of many fragrant aromas.

The enchantment of a flickering candle seems to draw people together so why not give it a go.

Six Steps to make Container Candles

  1. Melt the wax by heating it up to 65°c
  2. Secure the wick to the container by using either glue or sticky pad
  3. Pour in the required amount of fragrance. Stir slowly to avoid bubbles forming
  4. Pour in to a pouring jug and then pour slowly and carefully into the container
    Hint: Straighten the wicks and secure with pegs
  5. Leave to cool for 12-24 hours
    Hint: Make sure there are no drafts
  6. Trim the wick, wipe and apply labels
    Hint: Any imperfections use a heat gun or place under the grill to obtain a smooth finish

Over the past few years the Eve Victoria Team have been practising the art of candle making. After many hours to we have developed a product we are proud of. If you haven’t seen them yet – take a look at our 100% fragranced natural soy candles and our unique blend of coconut and beeswax.