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Everything is ready to make 2019 the ‘Year of the Vegan’

Vegan is a word we see and hear everywhere in shops and restaurants, in people’s conversations on the street, newspapers and magazines. It is not hype or a short term trend – there is substance to its rise.

The business of providing vegan meals is booming even McDonalds have started selling the McVegan Burger with many vegan options becoming cheaper and more convenient.

In 2018 there wasn’t a week that went by without Veganism hitting the headlines or a launch of a new range of vegan products. We have been manufacturing vegan friendly candles for many years – we just didn’t shout about it!

Just like all our Eve Victoria Home Fragrance products are handmade in the UK.

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance Classic Scented Candle Range are vegan friendly as we only use the best quality soy wax. The Classic range are available in nine fragrances and various sizes: Small, Large, Luxury 3 Wick, Diamante Bling Tin and Tea Lights.

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance Vegan WaxCandles

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance Vegan WaxCandles