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Candles for Valentine’s

As the season for giving and receiving gifts is over for another year – but for those romantics, it couldn’t be further from the truth. As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

There are various versions of the story of Saint Valentine but it all started in the 14th century. A legendary scribe and pioneer of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer linked the day and the concept of ‘courtly love’. By the 18th century the whole concept had evolved into a day when lovers would express their fondness for each other with exchanging cards, flowers and gifts.

Based on our feelings for this special day we use our senses of sight, sound and most importantly, smell to create a romantic atmosphere. What could be more romantic than the glow of a scented candle burning or the subtle fragrance of a reed diffuser to create and enhance you and your partner’s romantic mood?

Eve Victoria Home Fragrance Valentines 2018

Eve Victoria have a scent for every mood or occasion and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Why not try our luxuriously extravagant light and lingering scent of Neroli Rose and Sandalwood scented candles or reed diffusers. Whether you intend it as a gift for your loved one or as scene-setting, mood enhancer to accompany an evening of romance.

Or you could try something more exotic Rose and Sandalwood, sandalwood provides a touch of Eastern promise while I am sure I don’t need to explain the symbols of the rose on Valentine’s Day.